News/ Call for Submissions for Bakwa 02 (issue two)

In a future project, Bakwa will team up with The Ofi Press (Mexico), edited by Jack Little, and the Ofi Press will feature West African writers while Bakwa will feature Mexican writers. The Ofi Press is a monthly magazine which publishes poetry, fiction, interviews, reviews, etc. More details later! Meanwhile, you can query the editor of the Ofi Press or submit to this email .

The second issue of Bakwa will be themed and its focus will be on conversations/interviews. We are interested in conversations with artists which will highlight the process of creation as well as its impediments and challenges. Our aim is to give an insight to the personality of the artist which is usually obfuscated by art and second-guessed by criticism and speculation. We intend to sort of set the record straight by hearing what the artist has to say, given that the notable Italian semiotician and historian, Umberto Eco, opines that interpretation is indefinite.

We would very much appreciate it if contributors queried us first to inform us about a submission concerning the interviews so that we can talk about the project. Nevertheless, we are still open to the regular features which include— poetry, fiction, photography, art, reviews, memoirs, journalistic pieces, travel writing etc.

Submission deadline: June 15th


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