BAKWA 04: Music

Bakwa 04 Cover,Credit Paul MuneneKwani Trust 2012


Picture Credit: Paul Munene/Kwani Trust 2012


Why does the West ignore intellectual property when Africa is concerned? What does the New York Times really know about music in Africa? Can hip-hop save an artist’s life?, Fashion: from Kumba to New York, Is music alternative literature?, Does ‘Don 4 Kwat’ start a new chapter in hip-hop? RIP Chinua Achebe.

Plus: fiction by Chinedu Achebe, poetry by Jumoke Verissimo, and Syl Cheney-Coker, and photography by Serubiri Moses.



      1. I see, i was unsure as the page I commented one didnt have content and looked like an ad for a physical nmag. thanks

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