Marketing Manager at Bakwa Magazine


Magazine Description

As an online and off-line magazine, Bakwa engages in cultural criticism, focusing on issues like art, photography, music, business, literature, cinema, spoken word, fashion and exhibitions, and has a penchant for long-form creative nonfiction/reportage, cartoons and photography.

While standing out as Cameroon’s preeminent cultural and literary magazine, Bakwa’s reach extends far beyond its country of creation and it is consumed all over the world, especially in USA, UK, South Africa, Germany, France, Nigeria, Mexico, Kenya, Canada, Uganda, Belgium and India.


Job Description

Responsible for prospecting and securing ad sales for our publications as well as pitch benefits of advertising to client, negotiate prices, and explain why client needs to advertise.

Person Specification

• Individual with exceptional communication, organizational and analytical skills.
• Must have at least 3 years’ experience in marketing and must have worked with other magazines/journals/newspapers before.
• Must be proficient in both spoken and written English and French.
• Must be social media savvy.
Primary responsibilities

• Perform cold calling to get the attention of possible clients.
• Visit businesses to inquire about advertising sales.
• Sell ad space.
• Present different options to client, including images, designs, and font sizes.
• Build relationships with clients.
• Understand the needs of each client.
• Know all advertising options.
• Keep abreast of changes within the publication’s demographics.
• Use statistics in sales pitch.
• Perform extensive research on clients and competitors.
• Convey ad changes and discrepancies to copywriter.
• Perform research on trend analysis.
• Generate revenue for print products
• Make sales presentations.
• Handle incoming inquiries to buy ad space.
• Present sample ads to the client.

For more information or to apply, please contact:

PS. Include cover letter and CV in application.


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