Wikithon Cameroon 3: Wikipedia Meetup



Within the framework of Wiki Loves Africa (WLAf) 2015 (an annual contest where people across Africa can contribute media about their environment on Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia and other project websites of the Wikimedia Foundation), there will be a meetup between photographers, fashion designers and members of the Wikipedia community based in Yaoundé.


This meetup, which will take place on Saturday 28 November at 2pm at the Goethe-Institut, aims at introducing participants to Wikimedia Commons and other related websites as well as giving them a crash course on how to upload content on Wikimedia Commons and the concept of creative common license.


Given that Wiki Loves Africa particularly encourages participants to contribute media (photographs, video and audio) that illustrates the 2015 theme, which is Cultural Fashion and adornment, this meetup will serve as an upload session as the competition draws close to its deadline.


Interested participants should register on the event’s Eventbrite page & Wikipedia Event Page. Questions should be sent to (cc Those who are not present will be able to follow the evolution of the event online via the hashtag: #WikithonCameroon.


The event is an open event and any interested person can attend.


28/11/2015, 14:00 @ Goethe-Institut Kamerun



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