Q & A with Frank Kesi on His Path to Music

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  1. Mr Bond. says:

    Frank,this is real good stuff. I enjoyed the drama in the video. Make God bless you so u produce many more.

  2. Albert Agboretang says:

    Kudos my brother. Waiting for your next release.

  3. gustav achu says:

    Solid work Frankesie.

  4. Ferry says:

    Always a pleasure listening to your sounds Frank(Mr Pleasure). Talents don’t hide, you’ve had them since from childhood. I’m always looking forward to what’s new. Great job brother

  5. Adl concepts says:

    Awesome Frank!! It felt like a movie reading about your music journey. Beautiful music. All the best as you move f orward, because you definitely are. Bonne chance.. #blessed

  6. Ninu says:

    Waooooooo This is amazing!!! I love this song big time.

  7. Isaac Abanda says:

    Great interview here Frank kesi. I pray you emulate and become one of the greatest, if not the first artists Africa has ever had. Good luck to you. Your fan favorite here. I can’t stop listening to “I no be know”

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