Naoumie Ekiko: From Kumba to New York

Originally Published on Interviews with Jodelle



Jodelle: Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Naoumie: My name is Naoumie Ekiko, I am from Cameroon and I live in New York now. I have been modeling for some time now and I’m loving it.

You’re a Q Management Agency model, we read you were signed the first day you went to the agency? What were you thinking then?

Yes, it was like a dream. I was just happy and a bit anxious too. I was thinking, this is a dream.

How does it feel, being a young African model in New York?

I feel lucky and blessed to be doing what I love.


What’s an ordinary day for you like?

My days look like this— I wake up, eat light breakfast and check my email for my appointments then head out for the day.

What would be the perfect day for you?

A perfect day includes activities like working, shooting, and doing shows too.

What is the best show you ever did?

I have done some pretty good shows, I always love to do shows when given the chance.

Who’s your favorite designer?

I have many of them, when I wear them and look good in them, I like them.

What do you do when to want to chill out a little bit?

I like to listen to music and watch TV. I work out sometimes too to relax like doing yoga.
What are your hobbies?

Singing, dancing, having fun with friends.
Do you think there is discrimination towards black models in fashion industry?

Well there is discrimination in everything and everywhere. So I think being different is part of being a model, some people will like you and some will not.


What would you advise African girls who dream about an international career in modeling?

To be able to dream is one part of your modeling career. So I believe if you have the opportunity to do modeling overseas, go for it but be careful of all the scams.

Naoumie for Nican


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