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Editorial Intern

Bakwa Magazine is currently accepting applications for the position of editorial intern. Since its creation in 2011, Bakwa has published new and major writers from the African continent and the world in original languages and translations. Over the years, we…

A Glossary of Things We Need To Unlearn

Join us for a conversation between Nfor Njinyoh (editor, Bakwa Books), Mariette Tchamda (éditions Nuances) and Nchanji Njamnsi (translator) on language variations and translation as an art form. Taking as a start point Walter Benjamin in ‘The Translator’s Task’, when…

Part-time Volunteer Sought for Operations Assistant Position

Summary Bakwa is currently accepting applications from volunteers based in Yaounde interested in taking up employ as Operations Assistant. The operations assistant reports directly to the executive team and is expected to alleviate the executive team’s workload where possible. Specific…


Image Credit: AtlasbyAtlas Studio, Guest Edited by Anwuli Ojogwu “My belief is that if we live another century or so … and have five hundred a year each of us and rooms of our own; if we have the…

You have a fullness you need to bring out

“You have a fullness you need to bring out” interrogates and reimagines how we consume text-based art, specifically what we read and how we read, by offering an immersive approach. Drawing from a curated archive of work from Bakwa Magazine…

Bakwa 07

Bakwa 07   Contributors: Imbolo Mbue, TJ benson, Minna Salami, Dami Ajayi, Serubiri Moses, Percy Zvomuya, Socrates Mbamalu, Jeremy Klemin, Dzekashu MacViban, Roy Udeh-Ubakah, Abiola Oni, Elsa M’bala and Joyce Ashuntantang. Cover art: Sentury Yob Cover design: Dante Besong  

Bakwa at 10: Celebrating a Decade of Disruption

December 2021 will mark Bakwa Magazine’s tenth anniversary. From inception in 2011 to currently being at the forefront of African literary culture, our journey is a remarkable one. Created as a response to the dearth of critical and creative writing…

Street Smart Stories

Founded by creative technologist Tim Kindberg (matter II media) and artist Lily Green (No Bindings), Grapevine is designed for short form, experimental or multimedia content. Grapevine connects beautiful print to moving audio using the global networks of messaging apps—notably WhatsApp…

Call for Podcast Submissions

BakwaCast is looking for a new podcast creator. BakwaCast is the podcasting arm of Bakwa, an organization that empowers creatives across various platforms. Over the past decade, Bakwa Magazine has published ten issues, commissioned writing from new and established writers,…

Bakwa 10

Bakwa 10: Family Politricks Release date: February, 2021 What does family mean? How do we relate to it? Is it defined exclusively by blood ties? How often does it fuck us up? How often does it protect us? From Bamenda to…

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