Spittle Royale

Image Credit: Crazy nook (via shutterstock) Translated from the French by Nchanji M. Njamnsi and Nfor E. Njinyoh cliquez ici pour lire la version en français         The country is anaemic, I’m told Its blood drained by…

Une bataille aux crachats

Image: Crazy nook ( shutterstock) click here to read in English On me dit que le pays est anémié Les vampires l’ont vidé de son sang Que bientôt le rideau des ombres Nous séparera de lui — Géraldin Mpesse « Libérez…

Le crépuscule des âmes sœurs: à l’aube d’une anthologie de nouvelles

Ces nouvelles, appréhendées à travers le prisme de l’empathie, forment un kaléidoscope de réalités et d’expériences qui, en fin de compte, nous dépeignent tous comme des êtres en quête de paix, d’amour, et d’un sentiment d’appartenance.

Your Feet Will Lead You Where Your Heart Is: Introducing a Short Story Anthology

These stories, through the prism of empathy, form a kaleidoscope of realities and experiences that, ultimately, portray us all as beings in quest of peace, love, and a sense of belonging.

Partir c’est mourir un peu

Aller à l’étranger quand on est camerounais… Un calvaire selon certains, un conte surréaliste pour d’autres…

The Art Historian Who Skated

Christine Eyene carries her history on her sleeve. Like a majority of the continent’s youth in their twenty-somethings, she can’t escape the pervading feeling of loss, yet she is treading through the art history scene in leaps and bounds.

A Brief History of Bakwa Magazine

We trace our ancestry and the circumstances leading to the creation of Bakwa Magazine

A Reversal by Imbolo Mbue

A short piece on the theme of Belonging, read by the author at the 29th Annual PEN Faulkner Celebration in Washington, D.C., on October 16, 2017.

Modern Juju Music

Dami Ajayi From I.K. Dairo’s refreshing contribution, to King Sunny Ade and Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey, the legendary ying-yang of Juju music, Dami Ajayi traces the evolution of a genre which spanned the oil boom of the 70s as well…

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