In Defence of Je Wanda Magazine's Critique

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  1. befoune says:

    Point de vue tres objectif, un des seuls d’ailleurs depuis l’explosion #njamanjamacow.

  2. Nchanji…….you are mature unlike that felix guy. He became too emotional and forgot the subject in question thus,exposing Standley’s weaknesses the more. Bakwa am proud of you, as long as you remain truthful. Great article!!!!!

  3. Sorry to say this but i personally liken Standley Enow’s lyrics to a primary school poem. Who wasn’t touched by the arrival of ‘Hein pere’? To be candid tombu…and njama… cow are a remix of the latter. All Celine F. was trying to say is… ‘Standley your songs don’t match the musical status you arrived attt!!!!’ We expected more, Point Blanc. I am very angry with this culture ebene guy…….Can you imagine he even dedicates this article to Sylvie Enow…..!!!! quel rapport?? Please, its very clear he lure standley enow to write this article. This kind of guy can not bring progress to the media community. Just so childish an article. I am Standley’s fan but very disappointed. This guy sold my standley enow and how unprofessional he is.! He should reread CVF article and his and tell himself he blundered and is more stupid. Any public figure should be criticized, if not dnt be a ‘star’.

  4. Olgha says:

    Damn!! You roasted that guy!! loolll
    But I agree with you though!

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