She built her own toys as a kid, now she builds STEM Curricula


‘Easy going’ doesn’t quite describe her demeanor. As soon as she starts explaining the games she played with her siblings, it’s easy to notice the light in her eyes glowing from a genuine love of wonder.

Janet Fofang had been building things long before she knew books were a way to pass across knowledge. Long before the missionary family that ignited her interest in technical education. Her stay in boarding school didn’t quell her hands-on approach to life, which explains why a lot of her later years, starting from the university, were spent working on the forefront of technology scene at the time.

She just had to understand how things worked at the fundamental level. She wrote code on paper at a time when offline compilers were a thing of the future. And even with her kids, her stance on self-affirmation and taking responsibility for one’s life seeps through.

She’s been teaching for decades now, and her knack for elaborate storytelling is evident in her journey as the curious little sister who now fights for everyone, not just women, to understand the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

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