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Two Poems by Nfor E. Njinyoh

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  1. Innocent Dekou says:

    Everyone of God’s earthly creatures is best in at least one thing Edy, for some it’s composing, painting, playing, singing, teaching, etc. The tricky part of it all is that your God-given skill can only mature if you find out what exactly you are cut out for. Once your eureka moment comes, as i imagine is your case, your every attempt is nothing short of a masterpiece. Even more amazing here is the fact that while you are sat effortlessly doing what you do best, you give the false impression that it is so easy…Believe me Edy, each time you hit that right note, you impact someone’s life somewhere in this troubled world and i am sure that they feel lighter for a least a moment as they read on. I am looking forward to reading your collection bro! Thumbs up to you!

    1. Thanks for the thumbs up brof! I am still a work in progress, praying to achieve great feats, and knowing that, with friends like you, I can soar beyond the clouds and wade through the Milky Way as seamlessly as if I was taking a stroll in “Ndongo stream”! Thank you!

  2. Christian Tamno says:

    Ravi de constater que tu n’as pas laissé tomber l’écriture, Edy, et que tu vas encore plus loin. J’attends la publication du recueil avec impatience.

  3. Bunyuy Christelle says:

    finally got here

  4. Burcela nzoubet says:

    La beauté et la profondeur de ces poèmes subjuguent celui qui prend la peine non seulement de les lire mais aussi de les comprendre. Ton écriture est digne des plus grands!!! Je suis impatiente de lire le recueil en entier.

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