Fashion Issue Call for Submissions: Changing Face(s)

P1050651© Andrea Bomo

Face(s), here, implies manner, behavior, conduct, or lifestyle. Changing Face(s), thus, revises or reviews the manner, behavior or style in which we live. This issue becomes a forum to review urban fashion, and urban social identities, focusing on the present flux of how we change our view of the world, and the world’s view of us. It views fashion as a process of ideas and juxtapositions, rather than a destination to beauty. This issue reads fashion as a series of coming of age stories; seeks fashion’s role in defining the way we should live, move, or go.



We welcome essays, fiction, profiles, personal and oral histories, interviews, poetry, and artwork that reviews the way in which we change our view of the world or its view of us. The subjects relating to fashion may include, but are not limited to, politics, social identity, aesthetics, urbanism, personal history, Afropolitanism, modernity, cosmopolitanism, photography and hair.



Also feel free to pitch us anything you think we left out, that might be of interest to us at




This issue will be published in January 2016




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