Glam Jail

What happens if 11 eccentric inmates transform a prison visitor booth into a colourful fashion haven

ZONE project: Afro-feminist photo series

  Photo Credit: Pol Kurucz The ZONE initiative was launched in 2015 by the kolor art collective in Rio de janeiro, Brazil. The project is split into series called zones, each defined by a distinctive theme and style. The latest…

Fashion Issue Call for Submissions: Changing Face(s)

© Andrea Bomo Face(s), here, implies manner, behavior, conduct, or lifestyle. Changing Face(s), thus, revises or reviews the manner, behavior or style in which we live. This issue becomes a forum to review urban fashion, and urban social identities, focusing…

Nightlife: Tito Valery’s Retrospective Expo

Experimental visual artist Tito Valery takes us on a journey to memory lane with a selection of his photography in a retrospective expo which highlights previous exhibitions such as “Black and White are Colors too”, “Un monde sans couleurs” and…

Final Weeks: Wiki Loves Africa Offers Prizes for Cuisine Photos on Wikipedia

    On the 1st October the international Wiki Loves Africa ( photographic contest launched across Africa (and beyond). Since its launch, there have been 2,655 photographic entries and many food-related events have been held in Uganda, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire,…

Tito Valery “I Am Particularly Interested In Working With Artists Who Have A Vision "

  Interviewed by Dzekashu MacViban   Last month I introduced a collaborative project Bakwa was working on with Tito Valery in the article “Black and White are Colours Too: the Ambitious Experiments of Tito’s Photography”, wherein I discussed the experimental…

Black and White are Colours Too: the Ambitious Experiments of Tito’s Photography

Dzekashu MacViban   Tito Valery (Photo Credit: February 16) To observe the world in colour, especially through photographs, can be deceptive— years of perfectioning technicolour have made that possible. We tend to focus on the gloriousness of the colours, overlooking…

Bakwa 06

Bakwa 06 June 2,2014 What is Lapiro de Mbanga’s place in the pantheon of protest music? Does BrymO’s vision of Lagos capture what the city feels like, or does it provoke a 19th century Dickensian image of a failing industrial…

[Photography] Dakar Street Series by Serubiri Moses

  The work explores the relationship between the graffiti in the Point E and Ouakam area with Senegal’s history, literature and politics.        

[NSFW] [Photography] Jakarta by Dimitri Pilalis

Brazilian Photographer Dimitri Pilalis documents the nightmarish reality of public and private mental health care institutions in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city, where he was in contact with patients for 60 days, with many patients appearing underfed, naked, and inhumanely restrained.…

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