BakwaCast Origins



‘Everything that has a beginning, has an end’- Agent Smith, The Matrix Revolutions.

While pinpointing exactly when the idea of Bakwacast took hold may be difficult, a look into the editor of Bakwa Magazine’s journey may reveal unavoidable correlations. For example, the stoic interest in African Literature, the increased interest in deciphering the literary landscape across Cameroon and the continent, and, especially, the raging desire to showcase young, brilliant voices within the continent, who tend, more likely than not, to be underrepresented.

On Episode 0, as we’ve chosen to call it, we discover Dzekashu Macviban. In his soft spoken stance, he walks us through the feelings he had when he read the last lines of Pala Pala Magazine saying farewell, he traces his childhood full of books and language, and the influence of his father’s taste on his own personal tastes.

One of the key events of 2017, which cemented Bakwa’s partnerships as more than just digital conversations, was the Limbe-Lagos literary exchange project. We find out how this happened, and what he would have done differently if he had the chance to go back.

Bakwacast is a new journey— an audio experience— that has taken over a year to come from our minds to what you’re about to listen to. We never expected it to be this hard. We never expected it to be this exciting either. And we’re definitely not expecting an end soon.

Read “A Brief History of Bakwa Magazine”.

We’re on iTunes, Sound Cloud and your Android Podcast App (we love Podcast Addict, and oh, this is not an Ad).

New episodes every Wednesday.


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