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A Review of Peter Kimani’s Dance of the Jakaranda

Where does history begin in historical fiction?


In 13th century Africa, before the transatlantic slave trade, Akam, a young albino boy, through a series of dramatic events, discovers that he is not who he thought he was. This concludes our series of excerpts introducing Zebra comics from Cameroon.


Part of a series of excerpts introducing Zebra comics from Cameroon, Aliya relates the story of a woman whose past, present and future are full of mysteries that began way before she was born.


Tumbu, the first in a series of excerpts introducing Zebra comics from Cameroon, highlights how people relate to life and to each other in very different ways.

100 Days of Cameroonian Literature

For 100 days, between December 2, 2017 and March 12, 2018, we ran a social media campaign to shed more light on Cameroonian writing, called 100 Days of Cameroonian Literature

Anglophone Cameroon Literature at Crossroads: An Interview with Bate Besong

11 years after his death, we revisit Bate Besong’s legacy by republishing one of his most in-depth interviews

Glam Jail

What happens if 11 eccentric inmates transform a prison visitor booth into a colourful fashion haven

Two Poems by Sharon Ibenu

  Midnight I Sometimes in the wind I cannot breathe.  So much air around me— none inside of me. He is between my legs, he seeks freedom.  I am beneath his words. He calls out to a God he has…

Call for submissions: Bakwa 08

Bakwa Magazine, in its first issue for 2018, is looking for stories around pain

The Eight Most-Read Bakwa Magazine Stories of 2017

Contrary to the past two years, where nonfiction and reviews topped the most-read list, our readers engaged more with fiction this year —from conversations about whether a father should be buried in the land of his birth or in another…

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