Bakwa 10

Bakwa 10: Family Politricks Release date: February, 2021 What does family mean? How do we relate to it? Is it defined exclusively by blood ties? How often does it fuck us up? How often does it protect us? From Bamenda to…

Bakwa 09
Bakwa 09: Taxi Drivers Who Drive Us Nowhere and Other Travel Stories Release date: October 28, 2019   In our first-ever print and entirely nonfiction issue, we explore what it means to travel as an African. Herein are stories about…
Bakwa 08

Bakwa 08 September 8, 2019 How do we articulate pain? It’s easy to think of physical pain, whereas emotional, mental and psychological pain are usually overlooked. Can we ignore pain? Where does it come from? Heartbreak, menstrual pain— is there…

Bakwa 06

Bakwa 06 June 2,2014

Bakwa 05

  Bakwa 05 October 14, 2013

Bakwa 04

  Bakwa 04 April 26, 2013 Picture Credit: Paul Munene/Kwani Trust 2012   Why does the West ignore intellectual property when Africa is concerned? What does the New York Times really know about music in Africa? Can hip-hop save an artist’s…

Bakwa 03

    Bakwa 03 November 30, 2012 Cover photo credit: Monserrat Vazquez del Mercado Mexico occupies a unique place in Latin American writing; writers such as D.H. Lawrence, Roberto Bolaño, Gabriel García Márquez, Graham Greene, John Steinbeck, and William S.…

Bakwa 02

  Bakwa 02 August 18, 2012   Why is Chimurenga Magazine so popular? Is the book dying a long slow death? What are the challenges faced by the Black fashion industry? Is the West using diaspora writers as Africa’s voice…

Bakwa 01

Bakwa 01 March 7, 2012 From the decline of a movie culture in Cameroon to what clips the wings of Anglophone Cameroon Literature; two investigations into cinema and writing. Sex and gender politics.  A (re)discovery of the golden age of…

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