Two Poems by Sharon Ibenu

  Midnight I Sometimes in the wind I cannot breathe.  So much air around me— none inside of me. He is between my legs, he seeks freedom.  I am beneath his words. He calls out to a God he has…

The Eight Most-Read Bakwa Magazine Stories of 2017

Contrary to the past two years, where nonfiction and reviews topped the most-read list, our readers engaged more with fiction this year —from conversations about whether a father should be buried in the land of his birth or in another…

Books and Palm Wine at AkeFest 2017

Following Ake wherever Ake goes, TJ Benson chronicles snippets of the 2017 edition of one of the biggest literary festivals in Africa.

You Unknotted the Calculus of the World

   Awogbemila Temitope Ayodeji   Axiom i:   where x is the world. Integrable derivatives – I, you, two mp3 players and Mobutu * Four of us were shadows of ourselves, The world breathes in multiples of four.   Axiom ii:…

Q & A with Frank Kesi on His Path to Music

 Frank Kesi is a DMV-based singer, songwriter, and producer whose Afro-Pop sound is a transatlantic excursion to contemporary Afro-diaspora pop rhythms that blend Makossa sensibilities with the sexy-cool of early nineties’ R&B and the edge of reggaeton

A Lady’s Bed Champion

Tobatele was not into tall voluptuous dark women, but he was into her that night. There was something about him that made Tosin curious; yes, she wanted to know him more, despite his annoying words and attitude. She just wasn’t prepared to know him that way…

Call for Submissions: Poems on the Anglophone Problem

A call to look back at history, recognise the loopholes, celebrate the beauty of culture, and map out a way forward to use the country’s multiculturalism and bilingualism as assets to conquer the world.

And there shall be no more death (A Memoir)

A young boy walks into the house to find his mother clutching a Bible, singing with tears in her eyes. This poignant story is deeply moving and focuses on the loss of a mother by her son who’s trying to comprehend death.

Memoir of a Journey Home

After two years away from home, the journey back to Nigeria comes with its own story. Most important is the story between a mother and her daughter, the love that exists between them and how they interact like sisters.

Carte blanche to Christine Eyene: Sounding our thoughts to the West

Developed as part of Saout Africa(s), a collaboration with SAVVY Funk, Berlin, for Every Time A Ear di Soun, Documenta 14 Radio Program,  Carte blanche explores Cameroon’s Anglophone identity through culture.

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