The Clairvoyant by Joyce Ashuntantang

“The Clairvoyant” by Joyce Ashuntantang is part of #100DaysofAfricanReads (curated by @SisterKilljoy). It relates the moving story of how Ma Bechem, a Cameroonian seer, who is babysitting her daughter’s baby in Connecicut, is sought out by a woman who wants…


The excerpt below, from Monique Kwachou’s short story “Afritude” [originally published in the Caine Prize anthology To See the Mountain and other stories] is part of #100DaysofAfricanReads (curated by @SisterKilljoy). The story relates how Elizabeth’s life changes the day she…

[Book Excerpt] Skinless Goat in Somalia by Awes A. Osman

The excerpt below, from Awes A. Osman’s novel Skinless Goat in Somalia, is part of #100daysofafricanreads (curated by @SisterKilljoy). The book was inspired by Awes Osman’s student days in India and centres on the story of an Indian girl and…

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