The Simpsons and the Challenge of Portraying Believable Nigerian Characters

In the second part of an on-going project on The Simpsons, we asked bloggers, writers, cultural thinkers and academics to comment on the episode “The Princess Guide” [s26 e15]. Below is a selection of the comments, with an introduction by Dzekashu MacViban. 

‘Mexican’ Literature by Raúl Bravo Aduna

The words “Mexican Literature” make me feel uneasy. I hardly know what to do when I come across them. And it is not that I’m not a “good Mexican reader”—whatever that means—, but there’s something about that particular literary label…

Forwards by Jesse Tangen-Mills

For the next 60 seconds, set aside whatever you’re doing and take this opportunity! Let’s see if Satan can stop this.   My grandfather sends forwards. I don’t think many other 87-years-olds use the internet, although in the future they…

Petit Pays: Nudity and the King

Petit Pays owned the nineties.  And if he didn’t own the entire decade, then he owned the most significant part of it.  And if he didn’t own the airwaves, he certainly owned sidewalk speakers and dance floors.  The ‘matinee’ generation…

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