Jack Little : Sometimes foreign writers living in Mexico misconstrue the country in their work

  Jack Little (b. 1987) is a writer from Newcastle, currently based in Mexico City. He has forthcoming poems in Wasafiri, Ink, Sweat and Tears and The Barehands Anthology. He is the founding editor of  The Ofi Press Magazine, which…

Three Poems by Margarita Ríos-Farjat

  Yearning Translated by Karenina Osnaya   A desert That today is still called Tacubaya. Nothing remains José Emilio Pacheco   It is said by José Emilio that in Tacubaya nothing remained. Octavio Paz always longed for the Mixcoac that…

Four Poems by Ingrid Valencia

Translated by Jack Little   Intact Certainty is the skin reflected in the water They are the hands that sail in the deep until one denies the horizon sitting on the white stone of old age There is still time…

[Illustration] La Catrina by Maria Teresa Palacios


Three Poems by Fernando Bonilla

Images of Power   Images of power Are banging at my door. I woke up smelling The bitterness of the old Puppeteer getting tired, getting angry At me and the rest of the world. They are resented, they despite us,…

They Might Think that I Am an Angel by Fer de la Cruz

Translated by Jonathan Harrington   God gave me an editing job. Between dreams I would mark the errors, all the way from a primordial Alpha to an impending Omega still under construction. I saw the universe in rough draft. There…

Bubbles by Camila de la Parra

  I All my friends have grown up inside bubbles. They float a few centimeters above the soil And swear there’s dirt between their toes. It’s all lies of course, I have seen how their momma’s servants Clean under their…

Four Poems by Jack Little

Old Baobab Great one, rooted in a history Fat to bursting, slumped asleep: Rest your tired grey eyes, Grand and wild- He saw you from The white verandah plains Looking at his land, garden of the ancients In a handful…

News/ Call for Submissions for Bakwa 02 (issue two)

In a future project, Bakwa will team up with The Ofi Press (Mexico), edited by Jack Little, and the Ofi Press will feature West African writers while Bakwa will feature Mexican writers. The Ofi Press is a monthly magazine which…

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