Literary Exchange Project: Call for Applications

    Goethe-Institut in  Lagos  and  Yaounde in  collaboration with  Saraba   Magazine  and Bakwa   Magazine   invites  applications  for   participation  in  a  mentored  series  of exchanges and workshops on creative non-fiction. Though  Cameroon  and  Nigeria  are  neighbors  and  share a  lot…

Souls & Songs present: the Birth of Makédah

    Shortly before the release of her LP Peace, Love and Light in 2013, Danielle Eog added ‘Makedah’ to her name, saying, “Makedah, the queen of Sheba is a strong feminine icon, who represents wisdom and the vision of…

[Night Life] Olgha presents The Soul Spirit Concert

  On September 5, 2013, a relatively unknown singer— who’d been active underground in the music and poetry scene for years, doing backup vocals for artists like Debra Debs and some artists who’d recorded at M1 Studio, G3 Studio and…

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