Four Poems by Fon Tuma

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  1. Visas says:

    This is certainly hope that tomorrow bears with it great minds. The imagery is afro-original with a twist of oriental and western diction,free third generation verse and rhyme, typical of the likes of Takwi. No surprise that there is an upcoming publication. I just love it!

  2. WIRNDZEREM says:

    This is fresh poetry stripped, gratefully, from politics (as we know it) to offer us new voyages and conversations of the heart, soul & lore. Tuma is a voice to follow keenly with an open ear.

  3. Pangalah says:

    these four poems by Fon Tuma have their special magic that can best be identified with the poetic finesse reserved for such great thinkers whose profound thoughts can only be likened to that of the metaphysicals, if not with the Romantics…Keep the spirit and be sure you’d reach the top; my boy!

  4. Ben says:

    special magic indeed, enjoyed reading them Fon

  5. fon says:

    Thx for the comments, encouraging.


    Fon heard of your works and now i confirm …keep rising the sky is not your limit

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