America’s Call for Change

Terrence B. Wakai

Americans have wanted change for a very long time. A real fundamental change: a revolution.


They have wanted a change from the neo-liberal ethos and arrogance that the elite of both parties and their Pravdian media enablers represent.

In 2008, they voted an African American who seemed to embody hope against the Clintonian/Bushian version of neo-liberalism. But what did Obama do? Instead of burying the corrupt Clinton coterie after their rejection at the polls, he resurrected them. The Obama regime then continued with the Bush’s regime policy of expanding the surveillance state domestically and military adventurism abroad in places like Libya, Syria and Yemen.

The Republican Party nominated a change candidate who railed against the elitist neo-liberal ethos, while the Democratic Party establishment and their subservients represented by corporate media bullied and ridiculed Bernie Sanders, a candidate that embodied the change Americans want.

The American people have the change they demanded, for better or for worse.


Terrence B. Wakai is a Buea-born, Bamenda-bred Micro-Essayist in Humboldt Park, Chicago.


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