The Art Historian Who Skated


In many ways, Christine Eyene carries her history on her sleeve. Born in France, raised with Bikutsi, she falls in love with art without discovering how much it had existed before her birth. In her quest to understand the fallacies she’d observed, she begins a career as an Art Historian. This sense of justice permeates her works and is expressed in her exhibitions and recent projects —YAPHOTO and EYONART.

We had a lot of fun finding out that she was just as lost as a majority of the twenty-somethings on the continent. We equally discovered the kind of environment that molded her identity and purpose, especially the influence of George Hallet.

We had a swell time mapping her path and her works. She is currently:

– Curator of the Summer of Photography 2018 at BOZAR, Brussels (27 June – 26 Aug 2018)

– Artistic Director of the 4th International Biennial of Casablanca opening in October.


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