Prescriptions for Lovers


For his first visit to Cameroon, the good doctor— Dr. Dami Ajayi— graces us with his humor-tinged raspy cadence. What other way to set a good example than to join the other writers and lend his voice to the second edition of the Bakwa Magazine Reading Series?

This goes to express his ability as both co-facilitator of the Limbe-Lagos exchange project and lover of words: written and read.

From poetry to prose, fiction to non-fiction, Dami walks us through how long it took to publish his 6 year old manuscript Clinical Blues. We get acquainted to ‘Konji blues’, among other pleasurable conversations.

The co-founder of Saraba Magazine carries his words across the smile-filled lounge, with the brimming confidence of someone who can afford to call his own poems ‘nonsense poems’, holding the attention of the IYA audience.

He punctuates this reading with short historical interludes about the pieces, as well as introductory notes. His ability to trace the origin of each story and place it in time was quite remarkable.

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