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Things the World Didn’t Tell You

Every evening, your father tore a page off the Bible, steeped it in water, and chewed. Every evening, he mumbled the same two-minute prayer before eating the Word of God. He chewed gingerly, steadily, reverently. It may have dropped forewarnings…

Taxi Drivers Who Drive Us Nowhere

Lagos, my friend says, is sick in both senses of the word; a city dealing with Dissociative Identity Disorder, with an emphasis on Dissociative…

How to Eat Roasted Fish in Limbe

(Photo credit: Inna Lazareva)   1. Choose a place. That Limbe is a coastal city means it is literally surrounded by fish. Most people love the proximity of Down Beach, which translates into the nearness to raw material, and comes…

Nigeria on a Leaf

Howard M-B Maximus reviews ofada rice and wonders why one finds jollof rice everywhere in Nigerian literature, but hardly any reference to ofada rice.


In the first of a series of restaurant reviews, Howard Maximus portrays the culinary twists and social turns that can transpire at Twist, a restaurant which sits atop a bank in Buea.

Behold the Covers

Howard M-B Maximus A cover has many faces. As the language a book is written in changes, so does its cover. Behold the Dreamers is no exception. Last month, we celebrated the first anniversary of Imbolo Mbue’s Behold the Dreamers,…

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