Nchanji Njamnsi
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Nchanji Njamnsi is a translator from Cameroon who has been translating since 2012. He is passionate about the role literary translation should play in intercultural communication. He previously co-translated a short story featured in Your Feet Will Lead You Where Your Heart Is, a bilingual anthology published in 2020.

SOLR Vol.1: a Poplitical Statement in Uncharted Territory

Five years after breaking onto Cameroon’s music scene in 2012 through a featuring on Jovi’s HIV album, RCHL asserts her presence by releasing SOLR Vol. 1, a maiden EP that sparks interest because of its content and creative context.

Sex as Soft Currency; Another Look at Bekolo’s Les Saignantes

Les Saignantes, as a social comment, is music to the ears of doomsayers and a requiem to those with high hopes for the future…

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