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TJ Benson is a male Nigerian short story writer and creative photographer whose work has appeared in online journals like Jalada Africa, Paragram Uk, Sentinel Literary Magazine and in print magazines and anthologies like ANA Annual Review and Transition Magazine. His chapbook of photography 'Rituals' was published in downloadable PDF on Sankofa Magazine in 2015 and his collection of Afro-Sci-Fi short stories 'We Won't Fade Into Darkness' was shortlisted for the Saraba Manuscript Prize. He is the first runner up for the Short Story Day Africa Prize and his memoir 'In The Spirit of Ake' was listed as one of the top writings of 2016 by Brittle Paper. He is currently a Writer-in-Residency at the Ebedi Writers Residency Nigeria.


TJ Benson explores mental illness in a haunting and beautiful story which explores the relationship between a man and his wife and how they both navigate through it.   Morning When he opens his eyes it is 1985, the room…

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