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A Reversal by Imbolo Mbue

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    Wow wow wow. That peace by Imbolo Mbue is just so awesome. I felt like being there right beside “Papa”. Good job.

  2. Lucky Ukperi says:

    It’s really a reversal though Papa’s decision is based on wanting to watch over his children closely. It’s an interesting flash fiction.
    Please, I would love to have responses to my question:
    Can I refer to Imbolo Mbue as an Anglophone Cameroon writer?

  3. Charles Monono says:

    In the politics of belonging in Cameroon, home is the ultimate burial ground. Is A Reversal a move away from blood and soil? An acceptance of globalization and disappearing boundaries? Ironically though nationalism and autochthony are on the increase. Interesting how Imbolo Mbue can conjure up so many themes in few words.Beautiful!

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