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Jovi: A New Chapter in Cameroonian Hiphop

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  1. bonjour, je voulais à te feliciter pour la pertinence des articles de ton blog ! J’entretient moi aussi un blog depuis peu et j’espère pouvoir faire aussi bien 🙂 A bientôt, ZAK

  2. Yaya mbitoko says:

    I think Jovi is very good and can be great, but the tracks were badly mixed on the album, we must be honest. They sounded better downloaded as mp3s but sound quality of the cds were not good and it shows. It also shows how credible your site really isn’t. Jovi is great but if we don’t be honest, he’ll be destroyed in media outside our country. Do your homework bakwamagazineand stop being yes men. Be have to build artists that can stand critique outside our borders. Now the rest of you yes me, can tell me how bad and wrong I am but you know I speak the truth and so does Jovi. Felicitations and good luck to Jovi and Mumak!

    1. Person of NO Interest... says:

      I gues before posting your comment you thought “Oh, what great insight I have! I am going to demolish these guys!”. Sorry to disappoint, but this was not a review of the CD but of the tracks in the album. You don’t go around insulting people for doing what they set out to do and not what you WANT them to do. If you are that pissed at the CD quality and badly want someone to write about it, then go create your own website and do it!

  3. kambe georges says:

    jovi is de b b b best

  4. jovi is the best pigin rapper i have evr seen in cameroon but if he could just sing a track in pure english i think he will be the best in africa

  5. Nchaye eugene says:

    jovi is very good in what he does but why are his tracks not on waptrick.

  6. picolo de vulture says:

    jovi is the best ever cameroonian rapper. so all the hater should die. table don turn na we time for chop the ngegi

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