The Rapper Who Makes You Laugh

A young rapper walks on the path to becoming the artistic semblable of a comedy icon.

SOLR Vol.1: a Poplitical Statement in Uncharted Territory

Five years after breaking onto Cameroon’s music scene in 2012 through a featuring on Jovi’s HIV album, RCHL asserts her presence by releasing SOLR Vol. 1, a maiden EP that sparks interest because of its content and creative context.

Modern Juju Music

Dami Ajayi From I.K. Dairo’s refreshing contribution, to King Sunny Ade and Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey, the legendary ying-yang of Juju music, Dami Ajayi traces the evolution of a genre which spanned the oil boom of the 70s as well…

Q & A with Mayembe Malayika on Pan-African Soul

Samyra Manka’a discusses with German singer Mayembe Malayika, highlighting roots, influences and diversity Mayembe Malayika (L) You found out about your Congolese father when you were 25, is that right?  What was that like and has this African side of…

Mboko Leak and a New Era of Online Piracy in Cameroon

Music piracy has acquired an almost legal status in Cameroon, with burnt copies of albums on display in various markets countrywide. This has been going on for so long, such that many of those who buy aren’t aware that they…

Encounters; Jonah Sithole and the Chimurenga Sound

Percy Zvomuya Originally published on NBO. In the first piece for our special End of Year music feature(s), Percy Zvomuya bemoans imaginary as well as real encounters; the latter highlights the meeting between Thomas Mapfumo and Jonah Sithole, and how…

End of Year Music Feature

Photo credit: Paul Munene & Kwani Trust 2012   At Bakwa, we’d like to close this year with our way of engagement, that is, in-depth reflections on culture. 2015 has seen Kendrick Lamar’s song ‘Alright’ become an anthem of the…

The Minimalist Aesthetic in Ayriq Akam’s New Songs

Ayriq Akam’s experimental hip hop goes from soulful to minimalist Perhaps best known for “Bienvenue au Cameroun”, a hip hop song with a soulful influence released in 2010 to wide acclaim, Ayriq Akam can be considered as a lynchpin of…

Les Z'animals by SadraK

  As far back as 1995, SadraK (a member of Negrissim’) stood out as a musician whose experimental lyrics and wordplay inspired a whole generation, and Negrissim’s album Appelle Ta Grand-Mère, released in 2000 solidified the group’s position as pioneers…

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