The Imagined World of People who Condemn Radical Protest

by Mia Arderne     On Shackville and Rhodes Must Fall Rhodes Must Fall is a student and worker led movement protesting for the decolonization of the University of Cape Town. The movement achieved the removal a prominent statue of imperialist…

[Book Review] Reclaiming the Female Body in Stacy Hardy’s Fiction

Dzekashu MacViban Stacy Hardy’s fiction navigates a written landscape between sexual politics and ontology, as the stories in Because the Night challenge the fetishization and objectification of the female body.   Stacy Hardy (photo credit Niklas Zimmer) Because the Night…

Q & A with Ntone Edjabe on Chimurenga, Fela, and Politics

  “By developing editorial projects together and assisting each other in areas such as distribution, we quietly mainstream our own aesthetics and reduce our dependency on the global publishing system” Ntone Edjabe   Interviewed by Dzekashu MacViban     Ntone…

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