Dzekashu MacViban   Hardly do debut singles posses the ambition that “Balafon” has. Indeed, from its catchy chorus and afropolitan theme, D.A. Sets the tone for what to expect. Nevertheless, D.A. isn’t the only one who is ambitious in the…

#Phola; Curated by Sihle Ntuli

In the second project for our special End of Year music feature(s), Sihle Ntuli curates a playlist which is the product of a collaboration between Bakwa and Ja magazine. The playlist explores the African youth in the global context as…

[Music Review] Pop, Hip hop and Politics in Olamide and Phyno's 2 Kings

Oris Aigbokhaevbolo Every moment chooses its music. Or maybe it’s the reverse, the music chooses its moment? Anyway, days after Oba Akiolu of Lagos issued a threat targeting Igbos, you could listen to Olamide of Akiolu’s own ethnicity on a…

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