2015 Kwani? LitFest

The fifth edition of Kwani? Litfest, a biennial gathering of writers, artists and thinkers from across Africa, takes place from 1st- 6th December 2015. This year’s literary festival, Beyond the Map of English: Writers in conversation on Language hosts readings,…

[Book Excerpt] Skinless Goat in Somalia by Awes A. Osman

The excerpt below, from Awes A. Osman’s novel Skinless Goat in Somalia, is part of #100daysofafricanreads (curated by @SisterKilljoy). The book was inspired by Awes Osman’s student days in India and centres on the story of an Indian girl and…

[Poetry] On-Again/Off-Again by Kate Hampton

  I/ Me, I Love You Gai, Nai, nakupenda Nakupenda sana, supuu But this love is unhe? Unhealthy You’ve boxed me, and I keep coming back Eh! Nairobi, I surrender You’ve hardened me Are hardening me but I’m not sure…

Bakwa 04

Bakwa 04 April 26, 2013 Why does the West ignore intellectual property when Africa is concerned? What does the New York Times really know about music in Africa? Can hip-hop save an artist’s life? Is music alternative literature? Does ‘Don…

Editorial 04

  Soul Makossa by Cameroonian saxophonist Manu Dibango dates back to 1972 and is often cited as one of the first disco records ever. Over the years, the song has been sampled and alluded to in songs by artists such…

Q & A with Ntone Edjabe on Chimurenga, Fela, and Politics

“By developing editorial projects together and assisting each other in areas such as distribution, we quietly mainstream our own aesthetics and reduce our dependency on the global publishing system” Ntone Edjabe   Interviewed by Dzekashu MacViban   Ntone Edjabe was…

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