Sex as Soft Currency; Another Look at Bekolo’s Les Saignantes

Les Saignantes, as a social comment, is music to the ears of doomsayers and a requiem to those with high hopes for the future…

Between Imagination and Madness: Matière grise (2011) – Review

Catherine Gilbert Matière grise (Grey Matter), 2011. Directed by Kivu Ruhorahoza. 110 min. Kinyarwanda and French with English subtitles. Originally published on Africa in Words   2014 marks the twentieth anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda in which as many…

Le Blanc d’Eyenga 2 and the Burden of a Sequel

Dzekashu MacViban One of the most anticipated movie sequels in Cameroon perhaps delivers as much as it falls short. Thierry Ntamack (middle)     The desire to leave Cameroon for greener pastures, an issue which is ingeniously documented in the…

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