U No Di See by Sentury Yob

    Midway between spoken word and rap, this song hardly draws parallels with contemporary Cameroonian music because it draws from old school rap and experiments with Pidgin English.   Mufor Eric Atangana aka Sentury Yob was born in 1988.…

Bakwa 06

Bakwa 06 June 2,2014 What is Lapiro de Mbanga’s place in the pantheon of protest music? Does BrymO’s vision of Lagos capture what the city feels like, or does it provoke a 19th century Dickensian image of a failing industrial…

Selected Photography by Sentury Yob

Night time Experiment Night time Experiment 2 On the set of ‘Pitie’- Jovi Witi Bakoto Carol photoshoot On the set of ‘Pitie’-Sentury Yob Mufor Eric Atangana aka Sentury Yob was born in 1988. He is a poet, rapper, writer, photographer…

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