Ikhide Ikheloa: People Take Me a Lot More Seriously than I am Willing to Take Myself.

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  1. Sistah Peshe says:

    Quintessential Ikhide-ism. Good stuff!

  2. Ayodeji Richard Alfred says:

    ”Baba has spoken again” – this is a serious and interesting conversation! ”Iduma you sef do well”
    One thing I admire most is how Pa Ikhide ( I’ll nick name him ”e-baba”) encourages literary creativity, hard work and originality through his reviews.

  3. Victor says:

    What separates Ikhide from others (regardless of what he does for a living) is tha he’s CONSCIOUS (as in Fela or Bob Marley). Unlike the self-hating fools that populate our government, academia and literati, the brother is comfortable with himself ( even with that “neurosis” thingy), and he LOVES Africa. It’s really that simple. That’s why his mind is such a treasure. May he live long.

  4. ubosic says:

    WOW! That’s just the expression! Following Pa Ikhide on Facebook and up to this interview has really bettered my thinking!
    Should I say he is so subjectively objective? His ways are just his own! I’m glad to be learning from him!
    Sir Emmanuel Iduma, thanks for the intelligent and enlightening questions you brought to the table! I enjoyed the time out!

  5. I appreciate Ikhide’s going back to his root and consciously stay connected with his e-writings. Young at heart and waxing strong. His truth about plagiarized unknown authors is sincere; they are flowers borne unseen and known through him; Ikhide’s e-writings illuminated them from dark archives. Arise and shine.

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