Some Things Are Most Beautiful in the Dark

Image Credit: AtlasbyAtlas Studio,     1. Mother pressed the sweltering blade deeper into my left thigh, ignoring my scream this time. The blood was a thin streak of bluish-red. She sighed and wiped it off my thigh with…

Nigeria on a Leaf

Howard M-B Maximus reviews ofada rice and wonders why one finds jollof rice everywhere in Nigerian literature, but hardly any reference to ofada rice.

Books and Palm Wine at AkeFest 2017

Following Ake wherever Ake goes, TJ Benson chronicles snippets of the 2017 edition of one of the biggest literary festivals in Africa.

You Unknotted the Calculus of the World

   Awogbemila Temitope Ayodeji   Axiom i:   where x is the world. Integrable derivatives – I, you, two mp3 players and Mobutu * Four of us were shadows of ourselves, The world breathes in multiples of four.   Axiom ii:…

Q & A with TJ Benson on Mental Illness, “1985”, and Stigmatization

Bakwa Staff Writer Uzoma Ihejirika caught up with TJ Benson, 2016 Short Story Day Africa first  runner-up winner, whose story ‘Tea’ crawled all over the internet.

Q & A with Roy Udeh-Ubaka on love, identity and power

Bakwa staff writer, Uzoma Ihejirika, got into conversation with Roy Udeh-Ubaka, whose first short story “A Certain Kind of Longing” was published in Bakwa Magazine, to discuss love, identity  and power, and the inspiration behind the story.

A Certain Kind of Longing

In his first short story to be published, Roy weaves the intricacies of relationship issues, as experienced by the narrator, and by the latter’s aunt, into a beautiful juxtaposition that portrays two people’s differing approaches to love.


TJ Benson explores mental illness in a haunting and beautiful story which explores the relationship between a man and his wife and how they both navigate through it.   Morning When he opens his eyes it is 1985, the room…

Three Poems by Echezonachukwu Nduka

  An Old Man in Conversation   Out of this near empty street comes an old man who, when asked his age, says age is nothing but shadows and lost tongues.   He has lived his past years drinking in…

The Sound of Things to Come and the Smallness of the World

Uzoma Ihejirika There is a saying that the world is a small place, that there is always someone who knows someone who knows us. Ours, we have come to believe, is a far-flung, yet close by neighborhood. In The Sound…

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