[Poetry] Shakespeare by Sihle Ntuli

Sorry William,

I had to stab you with a spear and have you shakesihle

Frothing out the mouth

Clear saliva blocks unclear syllables spilling out

As you try to say “thou art no air” and your eyes roll back

While my vernacular spear hits your liver and you go out cursing


Saliva and red blood merge for informal valentines

On the dirty floor                                                                                                                                           

Love your flaws

They are all you have.



Sorry William,

I stab your gut because you make your problems mine

How the fuck am I supposed to know about your midsummer night’s dream

In your game somebody almost always has to die

Today it’s your turn


Here he comes

Coming around the corner




Shakespeare just got stabbed by the Zulu he shakes from the spear

English tutors what will you do now?

My most insincere and sarcastic apologies

You cry figurative tears of what I shouldn’t have done

Now wipe his blood of with your PhD.

Sihle Ntuli @districtmcmxc is a 23 year old aspiring South African writer & Rhodes University Graduate his work can be seen on New Coin, Saraba, Itch, PoetryPotion, Jiggered Magazine, The Grounds Ear Anthology & Aerial 2010 Anthology among others.


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