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Bad Lake

François and his two colleagues, Fondzenyuy, and Murphy, stared at the gas siphoning system installed in Lake Nyos with excitement. Two very long polyethylene pipes set up vertically from the bottom of the lake to its surface emerged in the…

The Polyglot Rapper

Is Forkeh the new face of Cameroon’s polyglot rap scene?

Almighty Nigerian Jollof

Nkiacha Atemnkeng weighs in on the Jollof Wars and makes a case for jollof rice from Cameroon, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Senegal, and the Gambia.

The Rapper Who Makes You Laugh

A young rapper walks on the path to becoming the artistic semblable of a comedy icon.

On winning Ethiopian Airlines’ blogging award and choosing an African nation as a holiday destination

Choosing a holiday destination in Africa may not be as simple as it seems, even when your flight is covered. You receive a message from Monique Yemeli of Fabafriq magazine that you write for, that you have won the Ethiopian…

Imbolo Mbue: Cameroon’s literary gem and Africa’s first million-dollar novelist

   Who is Imbolo Mbue? What does it mean to write a million-dollar novel? Nkiacha Atemkeng explores these questions and reviews “Emke“, Imbolo Mbue’s first published story. When I first heard that a US-based writer from Cameroon, Imbolo Mbue, had…

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