The Cameroon Coaching Conundrum

Ngime Epie Omam Biyik Scores his historic goal against world champions Argentina The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon have missed out on so many international football rendez-vous in recent years to the point that they are beginning to phase out of…

[Fiction] Afritude by Monique Kwachou

  The excerpt below, from Monique Kwachou’s short story “Afritude” [originally published in the Caine Prize anthology To See the Mountain and other stories] is part of #100DaysofAfricanReads (curated by @SisterKilljoy). The story relates how Elizabeth’s life changes the day…

Bakwa 06

Bakwa 06 June 2,2014

Afrikan Luv Unapologetically Flaunts its African-[ness]

Dzekashu MacViban As a latecomer to the Cameroonian musical scene, hip-hop has been on a gradual but steady rise in an over-congested milieu where, according to Kangsen Feka Wakai, “for at least two decades, it would play fifth fiddle to…

The Spoken Word Scene in Cameroon: From Poetry to Poetography

A shorter version of this article was originally commissioned by the Goethe-Institut and published on Dzekashu MacViban   Black Alice. Photo Credit: Black Alice For many years, spoken word in Cameroon was like the anecdotal man with the iron…

The Spoken Word Project – Stories travelling through Africa

“Oral narratives are an essential part of constructing identities in this part of the world. It is important to enable people to keep up access to their history. “ Lebogang Mashile, South-African poet Stories are created by being told. In…

[Political Cartoons] Dante's Corner

Operation  Sparrow Hawk in Action A Detainee Strikes Back

Q & A with Ntone Edjabe on Chimurenga, Fela, and Politics

  “By developing editorial projects together and assisting each other in areas such as distribution, we quietly mainstream our own aesthetics and reduce our dependency on the global publishing system” Ntone Edjabe   Interviewed by Dzekashu MacViban     Ntone…

Q & A with Paola-Audrey Ndengue on Fashizblack, Fashion & the Black Diaspora

“Fashizblack Magazine is the result of a rather peculiar editorial policy: we are neither an ‘ethnic’ magazine closed up on itself, nor a magazine dedicated to Western fashion in the traditional sense of the expression.” Paola-Audrey Ndengue   Interviewed by…

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