Three Poems by Jumoke Verissimo

Voluntary Exile You who ate the light of the sun at dusk the age of your fears is in my head I have seen the consent in your eyes ditch thoughts have formed, water makes a skin on your malar.…

Ikhide Ikheloa: People Take Me a Lot More Seriously than I am Willing to Take Myself.

  “The West has made stars out of Diaspora writers and made them Africa’s voices. I have a problem with that.” Ikheloa Ikhide     Interviewed by Emmanuel Iduma  I have not always agreed with Ikhide Ikheloa. So when I…

Excerpt from Bom Boy by Yewande Omotoso

  The walk from the Western Medical Fund office to Leke’s home was thirty minutes but it took him fifty on a Friday because he made a stop. Leke watched the pavement as he walked, and his long legs swung…

Adrift by Temitayo Olofinlua

You were staring at the white screen of your computer when he called you that morning. You were in the middle of a terrible writer’s block. You could not write a word. So, you escaped into many worlds through the…

AYO : Music Is My Therapy

Interviewed by Belinda Otas   With her earnest lyrics, a haunting and soothing sound and a raspy, seductive and magnetic voice, AYO has won adoring fans across Europe, North America and Africa, for her openness which many can relate to.…

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