The Aesthetics of Lugaflow Subculture and (Inter)National Representation

Serubiri Moses Can Lugaflow represent Uganda nationally or internationally in the same way Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart represents Nigeria nationally and internationally? “I’m just trying to shape my own destiny, I’m trying to be my own Museveni.” – Karama…

African Sacredness, When Fiction Becomes Reality

                                                    Serubiri Moses   “No one who loves life would wish to imitate her dedication to martyrdom  nor would wish it for his children nor for anyone else whom he loves.” – Susan Sontag, Simone Weil (New York Review of…

[Poetry] Born in these Times by Lillian Akampurira Aujo

I. I’m told of a time When houses were deserted And bushes were havens, by night. Babies’ mouths were plugged By nipples – sore with welts From infants’ starved and teething gums Mothers bit on their lips – drew blood…

A Ugandan MC's intimate keyboard Hip-Hop

Serubiri Moses Originally published in Start When we meet at 2:45 pm, I’m sitting at the grand piano in the Green Room, behind the stage of the National Theatre wondering whether he will make it through the rain, but I’m…

Photography by Serubiri Moses

  Maureen Rutabingwa is a jazz saxophonist, pianist and vocalist based in Kampala. Her Soul Deep band reworks Rihanna, Erykah Badu and the jazz of George Benson and Roy Hargrove.         Dancers along Kampala-Jinja Road during the…

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